Welcome to Vicero Designs LLC. We are a team of young entrepreneurs with the drive and creativity to help you meet your design and software needs. Feel free to browse our services and explore our past projects.

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About Us

Vicero Designs LLC was founded by students Steven Lin and Jerry Clayton. The two took a programming project from a Computer Science class and decided to turn it into a product. Their flagship game: Triangles Are Bad (TAB) was released on the Google Play Store on June 12th. TAB was available on the App Store June 29th. Aside from mobile applications, Steven and Jerry provide web design services for their customers, melding their design and programming skills to build sleek, modern online displays for personal and business use.

Our Services

SEO & Marketing

Having trouble landing users to your site or blog? Let us help you optimize your content to increase your audience engagement. We will teach you how to use Google Adwords to social media marketing, we got your back.

Virtual Assistance

We excel in helping your business excel from anywhere in the world. Our virtual assistance services gives you real-time support for any of your administrative needs.

Business Consulting

We know getting your business from a physical presence to an online dominance is difficult. Let us help you take the necessary steps to triumph above your competitors.


We create dynamic mobile applications that translate seamlessly to the web. We don't have templates--we customize development to suit your needs. Let us bring your business the power of mobility.


Need a website created? Need your old one renovated? We offer quality professional web solutions to help build and renovate your business' presence online.


Our expertise in design allows us to produce simplistic, yet beautiful applications, websites, and logos. Let us help you find the design solution you need, or create a brand new one from scratch.

Meet Us

Jerry Clayton

Jerry Clayton


Jerry Clayton is an exemplary programmer with a passion for efficiency. As the Chief Technical Officer, he ensures all of Vicero’s digital products are built with quality and coherence.

Steven Lin

Steven Lin


Steven Lin is an innovative designer with an emphasis on simplicity. As the lead designer, he ensures that everything produced by Vicero is functional and communicative to the highest degree.


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